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“Jessica is a fantastic Realtor and a true professional. She provided excellent service throughout the process of buying an investment property for us. Jessica was very responsive to me and my family’s’ needs. Her knowledge of the Boston area market and a friendly personality really made the whole process go very smoothly. She also went beyond the purchase and helped us get the property rented within a few weeks of purchase, which was outstanding. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent!”
Fahad Qayyum

“My office has been using the Real Estate Rental and Sales Services of Jessica Witter, Realtor for over 3 years now. We have been and are fully satisfied with the professionalism, the prompt communication and the timely feedback that we have received from Ms. Witter! Over the years, we consistently found Jessica to be alert to our needs and to bring us valuable customers and excellent clients.  On a regular basis, when we have a Real Estate need, either for our Rental activities or Sales, we always go back to the best contact we have in the Real Estate world we live in, and that is and will always be Jessica Witter.”
Gabriel Nir
Landlord in Watertown and Somerville and Quincy Massachusetts

“I would love to tell you a little about our experience with our realtor Jessica Witter. We were given Jessica’s name from our lending agent Patrick Tobin who was also outstanding by the way. To give you some background on our situation we are a young couple who was living in DC at the time. This was going to be our first ever major purchase and neither of us had owned a home before. We contacted Jessica and were immediately impressed by her promptness. We had lived in Boston in the past for years but really only understood the rental market. Jessica helped us to understand what we were looking for. One specific challenge we faced was the fact that we did not live in Boston and could only visit when work vacations permitted. We started the process in March 2013. Jessica was very accommodating and worked hard with us to find places that fit what we were looking for. What seemed like a very overwhelming process was simplified when we had a better understanding of the housing markets in Boston. In late April Jessica noticed a place that fit everything that we were looking for. Unfortunately, neither of us could come to Boston that weekend. Jessica was great. She worked with my brother and my aunt who also live in Boston during the open house. She also showed us the whole place via Skype during a very busy open house. In the end we had a bid accepted at what seems like a very fair price. We love our home in South Boston and it would not have been possible without Jessica. She is a tremendously committed realtor who works extremely hard for her clients. From our experience we can highly recommend Jessica to any first time homebuyers and can assume she would be great for people looking to buy new home. We definitely plan on contacting her again if we decide to buy or sell another home. “
Jeff and Molly Volkmann

I still can’t believe the sale is over! We closed on Thursday and I was actually on my way out of town for the weekend. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you – THANK YOU! I am still in shock at how quickly and stress free this process went. You definitely stayed on top of things and kept the process moving and there were no lies and drama – and I appreciate it. I have bought 6 properties and sold 5 and I can honestly say this was the easiest one – I didn’t even have to go to closing! I’d like to think it was because I did a FSBO (LOL) but I know a huge part was you and obviously my neighbor, Courtney, who was invaluable in the process. If any of my Boston friends ask me for a realtor referral you are the ONLY one I would recommend.
Rocio Soto

“I am a first time home buyer and was recommended Jessica by my mortgage company. I can say without a doubt Jessica was very responsive and professional, she came prepared to the showings with documentation and gave honest feedback on how she felt about each unit/house. This helped me make an informed decision, and buy a condo I have not had a single regret buying. During the purchase process Jessica helped me all along the way and gave clear feedback on what and why we are doing something. She had also recommended an excellent attorney that was kind and equally as responsive and knowledgeable. If you are looking to buy in the Boston or Cape Cod area I would highly recommend Jessica, this process has been just as easy as renting thanks to her and the team.”
Robert Gallagher

“I did an out-of-state FSBO on my loft in Chelsea and Jessica was the agent for the buyer. Jessica was responsive, kept the process moving and provided a level of communication that I have not seen before when buying/selling. In my 11 real estate transactions, I have to say that this was by far the easiest/smoothest process I have ever encountered – and we closed in 6 weeks! I kept waiting for the ball to drop but I was more than pleasantly surprised when it was finalized and I didn’t even have to go to Boston! It was a true pleasure working with a professional and I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking to buy or sell.”
Rocio Soto

“Sotheby’s International Realty is, without a doubt, the most competent, reliable, and comprehensive realtor in operation. Their attention to detail in representing your home is evident in their thorough coverage of home presentation, potential buyer feedback and constant contact with the seller. There cannot be a more enjoyable business relationship in the real estate industry.”
Frank and Jo

“Joan Witter was responsive, professional and very accommodating. My easiest Real Estate transaction ever! ”

“Joan Witter was a very professional realtor. She demonstrated excellent communication skills with us. Always kept us updated on the sale of our house. We would certainly recommend Joan and Sotheby’s to our friends.”
John and Doris

“We chose Sotheby’s because of Joan. She is the best at what she does and we felt safe in her hands.”
John and Bryna

“Through a difficult negotiation process, Joan handled it quite well and made the process seamless. Excellent experience with Sotheby’s agent, staff and overall company”

“Joan Witter was great. She was very quick to respond to any questions we had. We have referred her to all of our friends.”
Kevin and Tricia

“Working with Joan Witter you realized she indeed, was very aware of your needs and anxieties. She moved quickly to alleviate and take care of the problem. She certainly shines the brightest of stars”

“My whole experience was excellent. Joan was pleasant, responsive and most helpful at every stage of the process. I couldn’t have asked for better service and I got a price which was higher than I had anticipated. Thank you!”

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